How do I turn it on?

In order to keep it from turning on by accident, we hid the power button quite well!

  1. Check the lining of the top, you will find three pockets. Two big ones (the batteries) and a tiny one.

  2. Inside the tiny pocket is the controller.

  3. Pull it out, just far enough to see the bottom edge.

  4. There's a tiny button on that bottom edge...

  5. Press it

How do I turn if off?

  • Press and hold the googly-eye for 6 seconds

  • you can also feel it through the fabric and should be able to press it easily

How do I charge it?

  1. Plug a USB-C cable into the USB-Plug

  2. It should charge within 6 hours or so.

  3. We will update the app and firmware as soon as possible to show you how far it's charged.

We made a hardware design error that makes it hard for the controller to know if it's being charged or not, we'll need to hack a way around it.

How do I control it?

Press the googly-eye button:

  • ONCE to switch between the patterns

  • DOUBLE-CLICK to stop time (good for photos! the recovery from that is a bit wonky, you may need to restart it)

  • HOLD for about 3 seconds to reset to rainbow mode

  • HOLD for 6 seconds to turn it off

Where can I get the app?

How can I wash it?


  1. Remove BOTH of the batteries!

  2. Remove the controller!

  3. Wash it by hand.

  4. If you MUST use a machine (we take no responsibility), use

    1. the lowest possible setting