How do I turn it on?

  1. Press the tiny red button on the battery-cable-thingy

How do I charge it?

  1. Attach a micro-USB cable to the battery-cable-thingy.

  2. If you leave it connected to the mask while charging, you will be able to see when it's done (it will stop blinking red)

How do I turn it off?

Press the tiny red button for a second or two

How can I wash it?

  1. Remove the battery by unplugging it from the mask

  2. Put the mask into a washing net (!)

  3. Put it into your washing machine

  4. Set it to 60°

  5. Rotation NO MORE than 400 rpm, better "hand-wash" program

  6. For anti-viral effect, we recommend turning off all water-saving features of your machine, as studies show that the machines won't reach 60° then.
    It's usually 1 button, called "Speed Perfect" or similar