NEBULITE Friends - Our affiliate program

With our affiliate program, you can finally turn all those minutes spent explaining "where you got it from" to cash, and offer your newly found friend a nice bonus!

With each order you will receive a handful of these cards - which will probably only last an evening.

Because we didn't want to send you a shitload of them, you'll need to re-order if you need more (or never received any!):

How it works - after handing out the cards

  1. The customer enters your code and receives the discount

2. You receive an email!

Please note, due to our 30 days money-back guarantuee, you can cash out your comission only after that time.

... and log-in with your order Email-address!

You'll need to reset the password if you've never logged in before!

4. Set your preferred payout method

If you choose STORE CREDIT, you will receive 25% ON TOP!

For store credit, a Redeem button appears

You will receive 25% on top!

If you choose PayPal, please enter your PayPal-email-address.

We periodically pay out commissions, about once a month.

If you want your comission to be paid out earlier, please feel free to send an email to!