Drawstring Backpack

How do I turn it on?

  1. Look inside the bag, there’s a small pocket on the bottom with a USB cable sticking out.

if not, please check one of the outside pockets (left or right)

  1. Attach a standard power bank to that USB port!

How to adjust the strap?

1. Open the outside zipper on the bottom of the bag and gently pull out one of the drawstring’s ends.

2. Push the strap into the knot to loosen it.

3. Feed the strap through the knot to move it, like this:

1. Carefully move the knot until the strap has the desired length.

2. Tighten the knot firmly by pulling the strap apart.

Please Note

Make sure to keep about a hand’s width between the knot and the power cable at the end of the strap.

Do NOT use a standard knot, or the cable will break eventually!

How do I control it?

Please check either the Basic Controller or Smart Controller pages

How to have a longer battery lifetime?