Basic Controller

How do I turn it on?

  1. Please check the other help pages about your specific product on where to find the USB plug

  2. Plug it into the powerbank

  3. If nothing happens, press the ON/OFF button on the remote.

  4. If nothing happens, you need to re-pair the remote. Please check below!

How to re-pair your remote control (or pair several bags with one remote)

IMPORTANT: there are two timeframes you need to be in for this:

a. The powerbank will turn off after 30-60 seconds when no LEDs are on, because they won't use any power and it will go to sleep mode.

Make sure that it's still on (usually, they blink) while pairing! Press the powerbank button to make sure.

b. you can only re-pair within 20 seconds after plugging it into the powerbank. Be quick or unplug and replug it.

Sounds complicated but is actually quite easy.


How to improve your inside illumination

Some few bags have a tiny production error that you easily fix yourself: the velcro on the inside illumination is on the wrong side.

It's supposed to be on the front side, but is stuck to the back.

Please check the video below on how to fix it!